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Love Live! Sunshine - Aqours Wonderland Charms

9.50 EUR / In stock.
Please buy from my custom store (risu.tictail.com) instead of the marketplace to avoid fees and me rising prices! ; A ;


♥ Approx. 6x3cm big clear acrylic charms
♥ double-sided printing, one-sided glitter epoxy
♥ Comes with a silver heart-shaped clasp + small key charm to match the Wonderland theme ♥

♥ Set of 3: comes with a 2,50€ discount (please specify the characters at the checkout!)
♥ Complete Set of 9: 9€ Discount/1 free charm + free holo bottle sticker set + free Aqours in Wonderland sticker sheet + headshot commission of your best girl

Note that the photo shown is from a sample order! Those are without glitter epoxy and the key charm and with the wrong clasp!

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